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Calligraphic Art | حسینؑ 🖤
Quick Pen Work | Size : 6″ × 8″

King is Hussainع, Emperor is Hussainع,
Religion is Hussainع, The protector of Religion is Hussainع,
Offered his head, and not his hand to Yazeed,
Verily Hussainع is the foundation of “Laillah”

شاہ است حُسینؑ بادشاہ است حُسینؑ
دیں است حُسینؑ دیں پناہ است حُسینؑ
سر داد نہ داد دست در دستِ یزید
حقا کہ بنا لا الٰہ است حُسینؑ

Art for the love of My Master Hussein ع

Calligraphy of Imam Hussain Name
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