‎پِسرِ فَاطِمَہ عَجِّل لِوَلیِّکَ الفَرَج 💙✨

Imam Mahdiع cries for us, so why do we not cry for Mahdiع? Those who claim they are followers of him, yet don’t even wake up to pray two rakaat in the morning. One who goes to sleep without even having prayer on his mind, can he really call himself a Shia of Hujjat ibn al-Hassanع?

Our youth have become so concerned with this world, girls in their superficiality and make up, boys in their indulgence and extravagance, both in the opposite sex, those who partake in undignified acts, and know themselves as Shia, does this not break Imam Mahdi’sع heart into pieces? Are we not stabbing him in the back with our actions?

Imam Zamanaع is heartbroken, but not with those who stand up and say “Yabnal Hassan!” and act as his people. Those who, if they know they wont wake up, stay up the night and perform their prayers are the Shia of Mahdiع.

[Ya Aaqa Jan Mahdiع! Make me
as YOU want me to be…… 🥺🤲]

Art for the love Imam Mehdiع
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