Ya Sajjad – Calligraphic Art

💔🏴 Condolences to Ahl-ul-Bait ع & all
Believers on the Martyrdom Anniversary
of our fourth holy Imam, Syed al Sajjad ع.

“Any believer who cries over us with even
a single tear, because of his grief over the
way in which our enemies hurt us in this
life, will be rewarded by Allah for it; he will
be made to dwell in good settlements in
Paradise”- Imam Sajjad / Zain al-Abideenع
[Reference – Kameluz Ziyarat, Chapter 32]

‎‎بیڑیاں روئیں کبھی، پاؤں کے چھالے روئے
‎کیسے قیدی تھے جنہیں قید کے تالے روئے

‎Peace Be Upon Imam Sajjadع
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