Events of Zil-Hajj

Made 4 paintings today
1st ZilHajj🌸❤
When Noor Met Noor…..
My Entire Life Revolves Around Ahl’ul’Baiytع✨

How great is the month of Dhul’Hijjah…..

Musa (A.S) is going to Mount Toor,

Fatima (S.A) to the house of Aliع,

Ibrahim (A.S) with Ismail(A.S) to the slaughtering place,

Muhammad (S.A.W.W) with Ali (A.S) to Ghadeer,

Ahl’ul’Baiyt (A.S) with their luminous faces for Mubahila,

And Hussain (A.S) with all his existence to Karbala..

Painting – Drawing – Islamic Art – Shia Art – Calligraphy – Art – Artist – Saira Syed

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