Muhammad Ali Sadpara

🏔️♥️🇵🇰 Little Tribute to The brave, lion heart, National Hero Muhammad Ali Sadpara. It was his passion, love for mountains & motivation to raise the red flag of Aba Abdillah Hussainع and green flag of Pakistan as high as K2 itself which made him distinct and renowned for being the only pakistani to take on this much courage to summit the Savage mountain in winters.
List of mountains ascended by Muhammad Ali Sadpara (محمد علی سدپارہ) :
1- Gashebrum II Pakistan in 2006
2- Spantik Peak Pakistan in 2006
3- Nanga Parbat Pakistan in 2008
4- Muztag Ata China in 2008
5- Nanga Parbat Pakistan in 2009
6- Gashebrum I Pakistan in 2010
7- Nanga Parbat Pakistan first winter ascend in 2016
8- Broad peak Pakistan in 2017
9- Nanga Parbat Pakistan first autumn in 2017
10- Pomori Peak first winter Nepal in 2017
11- K2 in Pakistan in 2018
12- Lhotse Nepal in 2019
13- Maklu Nepal in 2019
14- Manaslu Nepal in 2019
15- K2 First Winter Pakistan in 2021
O son of mountain! you are in thoughts and prayers of all of us…..

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