Karbala Calligraphy – Art

2nd of Muharram,
Imam Hussain A.S arrival in Karbala! 💔🏴

Upon his arrival at Karbala he supplicated:

“O Allah! I seek refuge with You against
Karb [affliction] & Bala [trial]. Here shall
we camp, here will our blood be spilled
and our graves be dug. My Grandfather,
the Messenger of Allah had told me so.

As-Salamo’o Alal Hussain
Wa Alaa Ali Ibnul Hussain
Wa Alaa Aulaadil Hussain
Wa Alaa Ashaabil Hussain

Medium : Pen Work | Size : 5″ × 7″
Website –

Artist – Saira Syed (ArtXpert)

#SairaSyed #ArtXpert #Karbala #کربلا
#Muharram #ShiaArt #Calligraphy✒️

Muharram – Art – Islamic Art – Shia Art – Calligraphy – Drawing – Artist – Saira Syed – Ashura – Ya Hussein

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