Labbaik Ya Hussein – Art

Labbaik Ya Hussain ع ✋🖤✨
Mix Medium Work | Size : 5″ × 7″

If you want to see justice, watch Hussainع buy the land of Karbala and pay for his burial.

If you want to see kindness, look at Hussainع give water to enemy when they stop him from leaving.

If you want to see empathy, watch Hussainع not let Hurr carry the body of his son.

If you want to see forgiveness, look at Hussainع keep Hurr’s head in his lap and tell him he’s free.

If you want to see loyalty, watch Hussainع reach the side of every companion of his in their last moments.

If you want to see magnanimity, look at Hussainع give his army an option to leave without any grudges on his part.

If you want to see beauty, watch Hussainع pray before the night of his martyrdom.

If you want to see gentleness, look at how Hussainع treated Hazrat Muslim’s orphan.

If you want to see forbearance, watch Hussainع carry the lifeless body of his 6 month old and still be grateful.

If you want to see patience, look at Hussainع gently ease his 4 year old daughter away from the horse’s hooves and lie down on the sand for her last sleep on his chest.

If you want to see resilience, look at Hussainع climb his horse after carrying 71 bodies of his beloved.

If you want to see courage, watch Hussainع say his last farewell to the women of Karbala.

If you want to see contentment, look at Hussain’sع last sajdah in a circle of enemies.

If you want to see acceptance, watch Hussainع as he smiles while his killer sits on his chest and severs every artery one by one.

If you want to see care, look at Hussainع give even his killer a chance at redemption by saying ‘is there no one worse than you to do this deed?’

*So watch as Hussainع conquers humanity and Karbala defines the pinnacle of excellence. Immerse yourself in the love of Hussainع and learn what it means to die and yet truly live.*

Painting for the love of Imam Hussain ع
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