Painting of Imam Ali A.S Shrine

Wa Aliya💔 (اللَّهُمَّ الْعَنْ قَتَلَةَ أَمِيرِالْمُؤْمِنِين‏َ)

Abdul Rahman ibn muljimل attacked Imam Aliع during Fajr Prayer with his poisonous sword with such deadly force that Imam’s head split. Angle Jibraelع called out from between sky and earth :

“By Allah, the pillars of guidance have been demolished. The stars of the sky and signs of the pious have been extinguished. By Allah, the rope of Allah has been cut.

The cousin of Muhammad al-Mustafaص has been killed. Ali al-Murtazaع has been killed. By Allah the chief of the guardians has been killed. He was killed by the most wretched of all the wretched.”

When Umm-Kulsoomس heard the announcement of Jibraeel , She hit her face and her cheek, tore the side of her dress and screamed ‘Wa Aliya, Wa Muhammadaص, Wa Sayedahس

(Ref : Bihar al-Anwar, Vol – 42, Pg – 282)
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Mini Painting of Najaf al- Ashraf Holy Shrine

Shahadat – Martyrdom – Imam Ali – Holy Shrine – Najaf – Painting – Drawing – Islamic Art – Shia Art – Calligraphy – Art – Artist – Saira Syed

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