Salutation on Lady Khadija Tul Kubra

Salutation on Lady Khadija Tul Kubraس ✨

Hazrat Khadijaس was the wealthiest businessperson of the entire Arab region and after the declaration of Islam by the Prophetص she dedicated all her wealth for the cause of Islam. When she died, there was not enough money available in the house to even buy her shroud. A cloak of her husband was used as a shroud for her, and she was given a burial in it.Prophet Muhammadص never took another wife as long as Khadijaص lived, and if she had not died, it is most probable that he would never have married any other woman. Hazrat Khadijaس the wife, the companion and the friend of Prophet Muhammadص died on 10th of Ramadan, 619 A.DOne month after her death, Prophet Muhammadص had to sustain yet another shock in the death of Abu Talibع, his uncle and guardian, and the bulwark of Islam. When both of them died one after the other in the same year, our Prophetص was so grieved that he declared that year as “Aam-ul-Huzn” the year of sorrow / grief.#SairaSyed#ArtXpert#yakhadija#یاخدیجہ#10Ramadan#IslamicArt#Calligraphy✒️

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