Syeda Ruqiyya Name Calligraphy

‎الَسّلَام عَلی عَزیزَةِ الحُسَینِؑ 💔🏴
‎5th Safar, Martyrdom of Sayeda Ruqiyya س
One night when Sayeda Sakina / Ruqiyyaس was asleep she woke up crying and started to look for her father everywhere. All the Holy ladies tried to console her so she would stop crying but she didn’t get any peace and continued :”O my dear aunt , Where is my father? , a few minutes ago I was with my father, he kissed me and said that “my dear Sakina / Ruqiyya س you will soon be with me.” But where is my father now?”
When Sakina / Ruqiyya س told her dream all the Holy ladies started to cry and now this noise of crying was heard by Yazid at his court.Yazid sent the severed head of Imam Hussainع to the prison and when Bibi Sakinaس received the head of her father she started to cry even more and hold it very tight and asked her father :”Who cut off my father’s head , who martyred my father, why are we held as captives?” With these words of sorrow suddenly Sakina / Ruqiyya س was quiet. Everyone thought that Sayeda Sakinaس had finally gone to sleep again but this was not a temporary sleep, Sakina / Ruqiyyaس had now gone into a permanent sleep and joined her Holy Father in Heaven.
Sayeda Sakina / Ruqiyya س was buried in the same dungeon. Zainab bint Aliع held the still child as Ali ibn Hussainع dug a grave for his sister in the dungeon. Sayeda Sakina’sس clothes were burnt in Karbala, and due to injuries, had intermingled with her flesh. Therefore, she was buried in the same burnt, ripped clothes right there in the Dungeon of Syria. As the grave was being filled up after the burial the mother let out a scream. All the ladies huddled around her, and the prison walls began to shake with the cry, “Ya Sakina, Ya Mazloomah” (O Sakina! O Oppressed one!)”. 💔🏴

Calligraphic Art – Sayeda Ruqayya’s Name
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