Ya Ali (A.S) Madad


Once our 6th Imamع told Moalla bin
Khunais the importance of this day :

1. The sun attained its brightness

2. The wind started to blow

3 .The Ark of Prophet Nuhع stopped near Mount Judi (near Najaf in Iraq) and saved from drowning

4. Prophet Ibrahimع broke the idols of his community

5. Angel Jibraelع brought the first revelation to our Holy Prophetص

6. The Holy Prophetص lifted Imam Aliع on his shoulders for removing the idols from the Holy Kaa’ba

7. The Holy Prophetص announced Imam Aliع as his successor at Ghadeer E Khum

8. Our 12th Imamع will reappear and hang Dajjal in a place known as Kinasa in Kufa.

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