Ya Gul e Narjis

او غائب نیست؛ از هر حاضری حاضرتر است…
این تویی که غائبی، تو باید حاضر شوی، او منتظر توست
HE is not hidden, HIS presence is more viable than any other visible existence,
It is YOU who is absent, YOU Should be present , HE IS AWAITING YOU!🕌💙🍃
#SairaSyed #ArtXpert #YaMahdiع #ShiaArt

Art for the Love off My Master Mahdi A.J.T.F

Al Ajal – Ya Mehdi – 313 Shia – Jamkaran – Painting – Drawing – Islamic Art – Shia Art – Calligraphy – Art – Artist – Saira Syed

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