Ya Sakina – Alam

آج بھی مشکِ سکینہؑ سو رہی ہـے چین سے
‎‎پرچمِ عباسؑ کی بانہوں میں بانہیں ڈال کر
‎There was a special bond between Hazrat Abbasع and Syeda Sakinaس. He loved her more than his own children. If Sakinaس requested for anything, Abbasع would not rest until he satisfied her request. There was nothing that Abbasع would not do to make Sakinaس happy.

On the day of Ashura, she gave her Mashk to Hazrat Abbasع. He went to get water for her, But Sakinaس saw instead of water Imam Hussainع bringing the blood drenched Alam, she began to tremble and her eyes filled with tears. She knew that her uncle Abbasع had been martyred.

From that day, Sakinaس never complained of thirst. Yes Syeda Sakinaس never asked anyone for water. Syeda Zainabس would persuade her to take a few sips, but she herself would never ask for water or complain of thirst. My Salam on the Little princess Syeda Sakinaس 🖤✨

Painting for the love of Syeda Ruqiyya and Hazrat Abbas – Alam Pak
Website – www.SairaSyed.com

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