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Zuljanah | ذوالجناح ♥️

DhulJanah / Zuljanah was the horse of
Hussain Ibn Aliع. The original name of
Zuljanah was ‘Murtajiz’.

Zuljanah Protected his Master Hussainع
from the enemies for as long as he could
& killed 60 enemies in battle of Karbala..

Zuljanah wept in sorrow of Hussainع Ibn
Aliع martyrdom & went to the camps with
blood to indicate the martyrdom of Imam,
& then went to the Euphrates river & never
to be found again..

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Shahadat Imam Hussain – karbala – Horse of Hussain – Murtajiz – Zuljanah – Zuljinah – Painting – Drawing – Islamic Art – Shia Art – Calligraphy – Art – Artist – Saira Syed

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