Imam Raza – Zamin e Aahoo

Ya Zamin e Aahoo Ya Imam Razaع 🖤

Quick Pen Work | Size : 5″ × 8″ ✒️

The well-known story of Imam Razaع guaranteeing a deer is as follows: One day a hunter was chasing a deer in a desert. Imam Razaع happened to be there and when the deer saw Imam Razaع, she took refuge to him. Imam Razaع offered some money to the hunter for releasing the deer, but the hunter did not accept the offer. At this time, the deer started speaking to the Imamع and told him that she had two fawns that were waiting for her and needed to be feed. She asked the Imamع to guarantee her to go and feed her fawns and then return. The Imamع guaranteed her. The deer went to her fawns and returned soon. The hunter was amazed on witnessing this miraculous event and he released the deer in respect of Imam Ali Razaع. After this historical event Imam Ali Razaع became famous as “Imam Zamin” or “Zamin e Aahoo”.

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