Ya Fatima Zahra S.A

Ya Fatima | یا فاطمہؑ ♥️
Pen Work (Free Hand Drawing)
“And my daughter, Fatimaس, is the leader of the past and future of the world. She is a piece of my body. She is the light of my eyes. She is the fruit of my heart. She is the soul of my body. She is a human hoori. Whenever she stands for worship before Almighty Allah, the angels light up the sky just as stars shower light on the residents of the earth….. “
~ Holy Prophet Muhammadص
(Behar al-Anwar, vol-8, pg-190)
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Ya Zehra – Painting – Drawing – Islamic Art – Shia Art – Calligraphy – Art – Artist – Saira Syed

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